• Ha! Ha! Ha! The Sorelle Sisters is a funny name!
    It means sisters sisters.  They were born,
    Adriana and Anita, Le Sorelle,
    but here in the States everything gets abbreviated. 
    Short,     Fast,     Practical.
    So people started calling them Sorelle Sisters,
    and the name stuck.

    The blond, blue eyed girls were born in Turin, Italy
    near the French border.   They studied in a private school,
    Principessa Clotilde di Savoia.

    Along with regular schooling, they occupied their time
    with art and music.   Upon finishing their education,
    they won a voice scholarship to RAI-TV in Turin
    and formed their musical duo called: 

    Adriana and Anita, Le Sorelle

    While in Italy,they recorded for RCA, Jolly Verve,
    and Carosello for the European market.

    Traveling throughout Europe, they performed before
    celebrities like the British Royal Family, Ava Gardner,
    Anna Magnani, Marcello Mastroianni,
    Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor,
    and personalities like De Laurentis and Fellini.

    In the United States they have worked with Mr. Bob Hope
    and have shared stages with Ella Fitzgerald, Dick Shawn,
     Jackie Mason and Phil Foster, among others.

    All artists have spare time for other activities.
    Anita is a very talented painter. She paints silk pillows,
    gold leafed bottles, and icons on wood and stone in oil.

    She hasn't done portraits but one night she felt inspired
    to paint Padre Pio (to whom they are devoted). 
    She believes that this is the most beautiful work
    she has ever done.

    His face (along with another landscape of hers)
    is featured on the back page of their CD.

    Adriana has innovative talent, and
    they are very well matched together.

    During their Concert shows they have captivated audiences 
    from around  the world. And friend by friend, they have built
    their careers full of success and love.

    To all our friends, old and new, we say, "THANK YOU."

    "We couldn't have done it without your support."


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